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About Amechi

Amechi Ihenacho knows high concept fashion. He has been Fashion Editor of Flux Magazine for over 6 years, opening readers' eyes to fashion beyond the body, forcing us to consider fashion as something one might call art. High concept, however, is the antithesis of his debut Spring/Summer collection.
(In his time at the magazine, Amechi Ihenacho has also encountered many pretentious fashion week press releases, and knows how convoluted these can be, so we won't keep you long...)


And this, my friends, is all about the garment. Amechi longs to take fashion back to the old school, where tailoring reigned supreme and the quality of a piece could speak for itself. A white T-Shirt with a Calvin Klein label on it is still a white T-Shirt after all...

"The idea for me is intellectual pattern cutting - cutting the perfect garment. I want garments that fit perfectly and flatter the body in sexiest way imaginable, lending the wearer an air of sophistication by moving lines."

Citing inspiration from Yves Saint Lauren of the 60s and Escada of the 80's, Courreges, Issey Miyake and Vivienne Westwood of the present day, Amechi has designed this collection to be first and foremost about the body. He has used fabric direction, body shape, and the innovative technique of removing seams completely, to produce garments almost moulded to the form.

The Spring/Summer debut collection is about the simplest of things. Based on 50's village girls from Haiti, Cuba and Yoruba land, this collection boasts a lot of hand embroidery, and hand finishes.

"A lot of fashion has perceived value, and that usually lies in the brand name. This range is about great pieces, each priceless in their own way, yet still extremely wearable. "

This is something ineffably new for London. It has taken Amechi Ihenacho over four years to tailor and perfect twenty-two techniques of pattern cutting, which he has now whittled down to a charmed four. Examples of these methods within the range include the first ever high-waisted, panel-less; Pencil skirt made from simply one piece of fabric. He also utilises a Pivot Technique, where a one-piece bodice is folded back on it self to create the ultimate fit.

Homage to the tailored ruffians of London's underground highlife, Amechi rewrites the rules of function and gives beauty a pristine new frame. Fabrics are hand embroided silks, Kid mohair and heavy weight dupion as well as lucious embroided couture cotton.

Amechi strives to be more than just a name brand.



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